16 Feb 2018

Pacing plans for Winter Sportives

  So, for those who have been doing base training over the last few months, the winter Sportives (Hell of the Ashdown, Kentish Killer for those who are Kent based) provide the first opportunities to “test” your 2018 fitness, and get a good boost to confidence, or a wake up call  over sessions you may […]


25 Nov 2017

Vitamin D- Your new secret weapon?

Did you know that the UK Government has recommended that all UK residents supplement with Vitamin D during the winter months, when there is not enough sunlight to allow the body to produce its’ own Vitamin D. NHS Guideline  For athletes. vitamin D can also help with performance in training and recovery. Article  Well worth […]


02 Jun 2017

Managing pacing/intensity using power during long flat rides.

Or How to Pace the Tour of Cambridgeshire. ***UPDATED FOR 2018*** By long, I mean 70 miles or more. Information from Joe Friel at Training peaks, who analysed the data, tells us that elite athletes are able to hold 82% of their ftp for the duration of an ironman bike leg(the winner of  Kona, the […]