KVG/B Turbo session full info.

Turbo sessions winter 2019-20.

The club turbo sessions will be run on behalf of KVG by Bee Gregorie Cycle Coaching once again.

7 week course. Commencing 5th November to 17th December inc.

Tuesday 9.00 am. . Sessions last an hour. (KVB are also invited to join the sessions) cost £61

Turbo at Home. Cost £37

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The sessions change each week, building on fitness as the course goes on. This build continues in the January – March course. You dont need to come to both courses, but will get the best results if you complete the majority of the sessions.  If you can’t come one week you can have the session to do at home.

Now in their 10th winter, these sessions help you to make the transition from riding your bike to training on it, and boost fitness over the colder months. The sessions are fast and furious, they are similar to a spin class, but you ride your own bike, fixed onto a turbo trainer. The sessions are more structured, and designed specifically for cyclists, and personalised to your own levels of fitness and experience.

The sessions are held by Kind permission of  Lucy Bull, in her barn in back of her house Puttenden Manor, Shipbourne. The turbo trainers are provided by the club. You just need to bring your bike.

The sessions will teach you how to ride using a heart rate monitor, and your personal HR zones will be calculated for you. If you have a power meter (not a requirement, but a useful asset!), then I will calculate your power zones as well.  In past years, people who have taken part in the sessions, have developed their cardio-vascular fitness, (in some cases with spectacular results!), by learning to ride in different heart rate zones, you can increase the efficacy of every ride you do. There is personal coaching input on technique and riding style, as well as motivation and inspiration from me and the group. This can help with achieving your goals whether they be to ride further or faster or take part in a specific event.

NB. you will need a handlebar mounted either a GARMIN, Wahoo or another device to take part in these sessions. If you do not already have one, you will need to buy one before the first session. Although there are other Heart rate monitors around, I cannot operate them all, but I can operate most of the Garmins, and if you are not confident inputting data to it you will need help! The vast majority of the participants will have at least a Garmin Edge 520. Also look at 820/1030 (check reviews)  if you want mapping. Both the Wahoo Element and Bolt devices are suitable

You WILL also need the heart rate monitor and the cadence sensor, so check that whatever you buy has the capability to link with these accessories.

If you prefer to use a Wahoo or any other device I cannot offer any product support or IT advice. I highly recommend that you read reviews before buying anything. *** it is important that you buy a device with customisable HR zones that is compatible with Training Peaks software*** CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY.

First come first served. These sessions were full last winter.

Anyone who turns up without a HRM / cadence sensor will not be permitted to take part in these sessions.

Turbo at Home- requires a high level of self motivation – you will still need a Garmin or other device.  The sessions will be delivered to you via Training Peaks ( a coaching software). The sessions are downloadable onto a Garmin or Wahoo, but with all other devices you may need to follow the session from a piece of paper. Some people upload the sessions onto Zwift and do them from there using virtual power ( need an approved speed/cadence sensor, or a watt bike/ power meter) .