KVG Training Camp

Please join KVG for our annual Stay at Home Training Camp. All welcome. 
This training week is designed to boost fitness and endurance, help develop skills and increase confidence. The week is designed to be completed from start to finish, but of course you can join whichever days of the week you like. Please try to join the skills session at Cyclopark, it will be great fun, and people who have attended these sessions before have found them very useful. Learning never ends, and there is always something you can improve, and if you feel you are already accomplished, we would appreciate your help as an expert rider during the session. 
A level of fitness will be needed to be able to participate in the week. We have tried to make it accessible to as many of the club as possible, but you do need to be riding your bike! You have time! We will also run faster groups every day, as long as there are riders to ride in them! 
If you want to do…. Cyclopark, 4 hills, 40 miles, 40 miles, 30 miles, then you need to have completed at least a couple of rides longer than standard club rides, ie the endurance ride, or an extension to a club ride. The increase from 25 to 40 miles is too big a jump to take in one go. It will help you considerably if you have managed 3 rides a week in the weeks coming up to training camp.  
If you want to do Cyclopark, 6-8 hills, 60 miles, 80 miles, 40/60 miles, 30 miles, then you need to have completed the 50 mile development rides (or their equivalents in your own time over the weeks up to TC), it will also help you considerably to ride 3 times a week, making at least 1 of those rides longer than a standard club ride.  

The Rides