Managing pacing/intensity using power during long flat rides.

Or How to Pace the Tour of Cambridgeshire. ***UPDATED FOR 2018*** By long, I mean 70 miles or more. Information from Joe Friel at Training peaks, who analysed the data, tells us that elite athletes are able to hold 82% of their ftp for the duration of an ironman bike leg(the winner of  Kona, the […]

The 9 Ride Theory

    In my role as a club cycling coach, helping beginners and working with experienced riders also, I am often, often asked how long it will take to get fit. Through my own experience and that of helping hundreds and hundreds of other cyclists over the past 10 years the 9 ride theory came […]

Some thoughts on sports drinks..

Managing Nutrition on Long Rides. A lot of you are now entering the big volume part of your training plans, working on speed and endurance, and preparing yourselves for the challenges that your events will present. It has been said that over 30% of success in endurance events can be down to a successful feeding […]