Coaching Services

Some clients arrive with specific goals in mind – The Etape du Tour, a tour in the Alps, racing or time-trialling – and others simply wish to improve their general enjoyment of cycling by improving their technique or riding faster and further. Bee spends time getting to know her clients and designs Personal Coaching Plans that will best deliver the required outcome for each individual.Lifestyle and any limitations on the amount of time available for training need to be carefully considered, alongside diet and health issues. Plans are put in place that will help clients to reach their goals progressively, fully trained and well prepared to meet their objectives in the best possible physical fitness.


Bee Training

Bee’s Coaching Plans are prepared only after an extensive initial consultation – almost always including a ride with the new client – and are then constantly monitored so clients build cumulatively to the required peak. In this way, any possibility of over-training is eliminated, and injuries from clients’ natural tendencies to push themselves too hard can be avoided.Effective coaching is based on a close personal relationship between the coach and the client. This is built through regular contact by email and phone, and by monitoring performance data uploaded using Training Peaks software.Provided that there is a will to succeed, anything is possible. With the right coaching, ordinary people with all the normal family and career commitments really can achieve the most extraordinary things.

One to One Training​

Personal Coaching Plans

“I put together a Personal Coaching Plan especially for you, to address your specific needs. Its aim is to get you to the highest possible fitness level so you can achieve the best results for you, given the training time available and your experience in the discipline.”

Take Me For a Ride

“I will plan a route suitable for your experience and needs and ride it with you. This is not a coaching session but a guided ride which will help boost confidence, promote fitness, and develop cycling skills and competence.”£50 per hour.

Ask the Coach

“Do you have lots of burning questions about cycling and training that you would like to ask? Do you need help setting goals and figuring out how to move forward? Not up for a full-on coaching plan but would like some direction? I can help with a session in person or (if you prefer) on Skype.” £50 per hour

Group Training

Group Coaching Session

“Are you a group of cyclists or wannabe cyclists, adults or kids, who need a bit of guidance and help? Would you like some fun skill sessions to build or develop confidence, handling skills, speed and endurance? Book a group coaching session.”£50 per hour. ​These sessions will take place at Cyclopark, Gravesend, subject to circuit availability and additional circuit booking fee).“I am also willing to coach on any playground or recreation area that is suitable for cycling: just get in touch and we can have a chat about your needs.”

Led Rides

“Need an experienced group ride leader, route planner, shepherd and general cycling mother hen? Please get in touch and we can chat about your group needs.”£50 per hour (groups of up to 7 riders maximum)