A Nana who is a Half Ironman!

Deciding to enter a Half Ironman was the easy part!

I thought about getting training programmes from the internet, or books, friends from the leisure centre even.

I really wanted to focus on it and what with the fear of not completing it, i decided to ask Bee Gregorie to coach me.

I hadn’t even run a half marathon before!

It kept me so focussed, I loved filling it all in on Training Peaks and the session turning green after I had completed it correctly.

Knowing that I was being coached  and watched over by Bee was really good for me.

I looked forward to our fortnightly chats which was an overall picture of my well-being in the previous 2 weeks, not just the training sessions.

I couldnt wait to tell her that I became a Grandmother also!

A Nana who is a half Ironman.

Thanks Bee

EO’S October 2017