Descending Course

Descending Course

Descending safely but quickly is a useful skill for any cyclist.  Bee has specifically designed this course to help you get the skills and  confidence to descend safely and under control.



Descending Course

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This is a 3 hour Course with a maximum of 7 participants. It runs from 9.00 until 12.00. We will spend an hour in the classroom talking about the theories and principals of becoming a better, faster, safer descender, and then it is out onto the road to practice your new found knowledge.

NB these courses are run in mixed ability groups, we will ride as a group at the speed of the slowest rider to the climbs. You will then be able to practice descending at your own speed.

In the case of ice or dangerous wind the course will be postponed/ delayed on the day.

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18 April 2018

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