Climbing Course

Climbing Course

Cycling uphill making good progress, whilst conserving energy  is a real skill.  This course will give you the techniques to be a better more confident climber.



Climbing Course

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This is a 3 hour course, (from 9 till 12) with a limited number of  participants. We will spend an hour in the classroom talking about the theories and principals of becoming a better climber, and then it is out onto the road to practice your new found knowledge.

NB these courses are run in mixed ability groups, we will ride as a group at the speed of the slowest rider to the climbs. You will then be able to practice climbing at your own speed.

Please note that attending this course will not magically turn you into Chris Froome (!) but will give you the tools to improve your climbing with practice and improved fitness.

In the case of ice or dangerous wind the course will be postponed/delayed on the day.

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